BOOTY-FULL GAINS  (Home Edition)

Hey you!

So you're ready to get a butt like WHOA! Well, let me just tell you that this BOOTY-FULL GAINS program, is about to change your world.

Most people are unaware of the fact that building a butt is indeed very possible.

I am going to give you some of the most vital body weight exercises (contained in this program) to help you build & shape that booty! With this guide you will be given exercises to stimulate growth of the biggest muscle in your body, which is in fact the gluteus maximus.

Results are guaranteed "ONLY IF" you fully commit to the program in its entirety.

(What you are purchasing) The PDF guide includes:

- Intense Butt/Lower body routines (In PDF form & video)
- Shopping List/MEAL GUIDE for GAINS/Supplement List (In PDF form)

The workouts contained within are body weight exercises & can be done in the comfort of your home. You will not need anything besides YOU, YOURSELF & YOU!

However if you would like to make your workouts more challenging, you can add some resistance bands as well as ankle weights and dumbbells. Please feel free to use from 10Lbs upwards. You will need the following, if you have any available.

- Resistance bands (medium to hard)
- Ankle weights (for beginner use 5 lbs/for medium to advanced use 10 Lbs or higher if you can)
- Dumbbells 10 lbs and higher (Use weight accordingly)

*PLEASE NOTE that this guide will be sent in PDF form to the email provided upon ordering within 48 hours or much sooner.