Lower Body Stack (Build Your Legs) - GYM PROGRAM

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Lower Body Stack (Build Your Legs) - GYM PROGRAM

With this guide you are getting Sai's very own personal leg day routines to build your lower body. (GYM/GYM EQUIPMENT is REQUIRED)

This plan is ideal for those that want to build leg muscle & get bigger legs. This will increase your thigh size (quads and hamstrings) as well as build your calves.

Building your legs is not as easy as it seems so all your effort is required. The routines you will receive are only as good as the effort you put towards them. If you don't do the work, don't expect any results.

Please note that this plan gives you workouts worth of 4 weeks.

Included with these workouts will be the following:

*A workout for every "LEG DAY" - accessible to you 24/7 for life.

*A suggested nutrition/meal guide to give you an idea of what foods you need to fuel your body with as you work out (PDF File)

*A training calendar to help you keep track of your workouts (PDF File)

*Shopping List/ List of supplements

(Please note that videos are NOT included in this plan, so if there is a workout you are not familiar with you will have to look it up online/YouTube)

(Please give 48 hours or sooner to receive your workout guide)