Epic Core & Buns

Epic Core & Buns

Most people are unaware of the fact that building a butt is indeed very possible.

With this guide you will be given exercises to stimulate growth of the biggest muscle in your body, which is in fact the gluteus maximus.

This workout also provides core workouts that will sculpt your abs and give you a flatter and smaller waistline to match your buns.

Results are guaranteed "ONLY IF" you fully commit to the Body Religion "Build A Booty" guide created by Sai Phifer.

(What you are purchasing) The PDF guide includes:

- Vigorous lower body routines (In PDF form & video)
- Intense sculpting workouts (In PDF form & video)
- Nutrition guide/ Proper food & Nutrition (In PDF form)

The workouts contained within can be done in the comfort of your home. You will need the following:

- Resistance bands (medium to hard)
- 2 dumbbells (for beginner use 5 lbs/for medium to advanced use 10 lbs to 25 lbs or higher if you can)

You will also be provided with an alternative workout that you can use in a full gym with weight machines. (PLEASE be advised that with the full gym workout alternative there are NO videos provided only the PDF workouts)

*Please note that guide will be sent in PDF form to the email provided upon making your order. (Please give 48 hours or sooner to receive your workout guide)