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HIIT the spot is here to help you tighten up, burn unwanted fat & tone in the shortest period of time. Literally the shortest as each workout day consists of a high intensity 20-30 minute session.

Why is HIIT the best thing right now? Well, it's convenient and can be done anywhere. It boosts your metabolism and burns more fat in the shortest amount of time. You do not need any equipment to get HIIT done.

Get your body tight and right in a short space of time.

The program is geared for 30 days, however you can use this program longer. As long as you wish until you see the results that you're satisfied with.

Kick off your journey to being the best version of yourself you could ever be. Stop following the trends and the fads. Create a lifestyle where your body will always be ready for any occasion. Summer or not, your body will always be hot.

These workout sessions are a series of 20-30 minute workouts that will last for 30 days.

HIIT THE SPOT is great for anyone looking to lose weight or tone & define their body. It is ideal for those looking to tighten up and define their core as well. Ideally if you are looking change your body fast within 30 days, this is for you.

All you will need for these workouts is YOU & a TIMER/STOP WATCH, your body weight. (Optionally you can also use dumbbells & jump rope, however not necessary)

Included with these workouts will be the following:

* A shopping List

*A meal plan to give you an idea of what foods you need to fuel your body with as you work out (PDF File)

*A list of your daily workouts (PDF File)

*Note that if you are not familiar with a certain exercise, please look it up online.

(Please give 48 hours or sooner to receive your workout guide)