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Fitness questions, consultation, advice, words of inspiration & motivation, life coaching and mentoring.

It's one thing to know what you want to do and then, it's another thing to actually to actually execute what it is you want to do. You need a plan and you need direction. This is a sure path at getting started and completing your goals.

As a personal coach/trainer and life motivator, I am lending you my expertise and an opportunity for you to have a conversation with me and consult. I will help put the pieces together and help you formulate your plan/direction for your goals. Wether it is fitness or simply life goals, I am lending my voice to help you reach those goals and be a raw source of motivation.

Consultations will be in the form of a phone call and will run for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

Within each consultation I will answer and discuss questions pertaining to fitness and life goals and more. I am here to give you sound advice and help you on your journey with life & fitness goals.

To get started;

- Place your order (You will receive confirmation email immediately)
- After that, wait 24 hours for a response with further directions

We look forward to your conversation with Sai!